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Best Gaming Headsets of 2018

Gaming headsets

 The importance of high sound quality is vital and one of the best ways to boost your gaming experience. Even the best gaming monitors don’t always come with speakers built-in and the ones that do usually aren’t all that great. If you’re looking for great sound  you’ll need a top of the line gaming headset to hear all those immersive background noises, sound effects and dialog like never before! Here are the best Gaming headsets on the market in 2018. 

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Best Gaming Monitors of 2018

It is vital to have a monitor that will suffice all your gaming needs. If you play first person shooters you want to have a fast Response Time to insure the most accurate aim possible, 1ms is best. RP players might want a monitor with higher resolution and contrast ratio to experience the beautiful world & colors around them. Not to mention you'll need a high refresh rate for fluid and responsive visuals needed to experience today’s games to their fullest. Take a look at the best gaming monitors in 2018

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My Favorite Video Games

I can't remember when I didn't play video games. I still revisit some of the classic games for speed runs and a nostalgia kick. On the rare days when I'm not streaming, I like to get out to the rock climbing gym and try new pizza places with friends.

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